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Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block

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Zirconia Blocks - Prime

Zirconia Blocks-Prime is a type of dental material used to make crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations. It is a biocompatible material made from zirconia oxide, a ceramic material that is strong and durable. It is an ideal option for patients with metal allergies, as it does not contain any metals. Zirconia Blocks-Prime offers excellent esthetics, making it the perfect choice for a natural-looking smile.

Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block Specifications

Flexural strength 1200Mpa
Translucency 40%
Density After Sintering ≥6.0g/mm³
Solubility After Sintering <100μg/mm³


Scope of Application

  • Permanent posterior crowns and bridges
  • Full arch implant prostheses
  • Opaque frameworks


  • The highest flexural strength
  • Mills and polishes easily
  • Made from high-quality and cost-effective raw materials
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Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block
Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block
Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block
Prime High Strength (HS) Zirconia Block
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