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PERFIT Bite Registration

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Dental Impression Materials

PERFIT impression material is a VPS impression material used to obtain precise and reliable impressions. This type of dental impression materials has excellent performance with long-term dimensional stability and high tear resistance. HUGE Dental is a leading artificial teeth manufacturer who provides a variety of clinical solutions, such as implant impressions, orthodontic impressions, auxiliary impression solutions, etc. PERFIT impression materials can meet the individual needs of dentists.

Bite Registration Material

Bite registration material is a specialised dental material used to record the exact position of teeth and jaws. It is used to ensure the accuracy of dental restorations such as crowns and bridges.

PERFIT Bite Registration-Normal Set

With high Shore A hardness and enough flexibility for easy trimming and cutting, PERFIT Bite Registration delivers rigid, stable, accurate occlusal relationship that enable the lab to easily replicate correct intercuspal and centric relationships.


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameter

Bite Registration


Normal Set

Fast Set

Total Working Time



Setting Time in oral cavity



Hardness Shore A



1. The above mentioned working time refers to that at room temperature (23°C) and normal air humidity (50%). With higher temperature the time can be shorter and with lower temperature the time can be longer.

2. Time in mouth is intended at 35°C / 95°F.


  • Normal Set 50ml×2

  • Fast Set 50ml×2

  • Fast Set Kit 50ml×2+Mixer×6


  • Accurate occlusal registration.


  • Accurate bite record with high hardness.

  • High rigidity and easy trimming.

  • Excellent dimensional stability.

  • Different setting times meet diverse clinical needs.

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PERFIT Bite Registration
PERFIT Bite Registration
PERFIT Bite Registration
PERFIT Bite Registration
PERFIT Bite Registration
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