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RP600D 3D Printer

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High Efficiency

Hourly output Up to 1000 grams

50-60pcs/hour,work for 24/7

10 times faster than other SLA system

High Precision

From 50μm up to 100μm precision for any parts of 600mm high;

Automatic Operation

Continuous Production Line

for saving labor cost

Innovative subpixel micro-scanning technology

(SMS exposure system)

Stable & Economic Consumables

Prisblab photopolymer Resin was developed and produced in cooperation with BASF,reducing unit printing costs greatly

Biocompatibility testing was certified by Shanghai Biomaterial research and testing center;



Auto-model removal & collection,

With super laser lighting source

Equipment Parameter:

Build Volume: 576*324*100mm

Accuracy: 75µm  Resolution: 50µm-100µm

Principle: Top-mounted LCD, matrix exposure system

Dimension: 1060*920*2100mm

Weight: 350 KG

Material: Photopolymer Resin

Input File Format: STL, SLC

    RP600D 3D Printer
    RP600D 3D Printer
    RP600D 3D Printer
    RP600D 3D Printer
    RP600D 3D Printer


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