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Denture 3D Printing Resin

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Bending Strength:90MPa (Test Standards:ASTM D790)
Bending Modulus:1860MPa (Test Standards:ASTM D790)
Notch Impact Strength:65J/m (Test Standards:ASTM D648)
Hardness:86Shore D (Test Standards:ASTM D2240)

Functional Advantage

A biocompatible light curable resin material specifically used in dentistry, which can be used to produce partial or complete dentures.  

The printed model is safe and odorless, with ultra-high strength, bending, and wear-resistant properties, and its mechanical properties and water absorption meet the use requirements. After simple polishing, the surface will present a natural appearance, texture, and color.

Color: Pink

Wavelength: 405nm

With biocompatibility, high stability, high wear resistance, and high printing success rate

    Denture 3D Printing Resin
    Denture 3D Printing Resin
    Denture 3D Printing Resin
    Denture 3D Printing Resin
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